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What’s Your Life Story — in 150 Words?

The Reader’s Digest recently asked readers to submit their life story—in 150 words or less.

With over 6,000 submissions, Facebook followers voted and RD picked the best from the top 100. The winners are all excellent. If I had to pick my favorite, I’d go with “A Meaningless Diagnosis” or perhaps “I’ve Got Dirt: Memoirs of Your Housekeeper,” or… Okay, I can’t pick a favorite.

Although I heard about this too late to participate, it makes for a great writing exercise.

I’m still cogitating how to condense my life story down to 150 words but if I do, I’ll add it as a comment.

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One reply on “What’s Your Life Story — in 150 Words?”

RD’s contest turned out a great number of interesting stories. The ” … Diagnosis” story is one of the top 10 imo.

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