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Tips on Writing Movie Reviews

I’m a bit of a movie buff, enjoying most genres and all eras. Some might say that I watch too many movies (I’ve rated 2,336 of them on Netflix)—or perhaps that I watch too many movies that most would skip.

For a time a long time, I resisted combining my love for movies with my passion for the written word, foregoing any impulse to pen movie reviews. By Netflix kept prodding me and one day I acquiesced, going on to post 71 of them (my “review rank” is 22,787). It was time-consuming, but also enjoyable—for a while.

Then one night I considered watching a movie but decided against it—because I didn’t want to review it the next morning. That was the day I stopped writing movie reviews.

If you’re doing something for fun and it stops being fun, then you need to stop doing it!

I can’t provide a viable link to my movie reviews posted on Netflix, but I do have some reviews of faith-friendly films posted on my website:

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