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Your Turn: What Do You Like (or Not Like) About Twitter?

The social media site Twitter is becoming the go-to platform for many

I’m on several social media sites, but the one that I use the most and am the least confused by is Twitter. I’ve grown a following, tweet and retweet regularly, and engage a bit with my followers.

Twitter is the one social media site where I’m enjoying some traction. Once a day I spend time to schedule most of my tweets for the next day, but I also tweet some things on the fly. And on most days I invest a few minutes to interact with followers and find more interesting people to follow.

I view Twitter a lot like broadcasting. Though only a fraction of my potential audience will see what I tweet, the possibility exists for anyone of them to read my tweets if they’re looking at the right time (quite unlike Facebook). I think that’s why I’m growing fond of Twitter.

Your Turn: In the comment section below link to your Twitter account or leave your Twitter handle. What do you like or not like about Twitter?

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6 replies on “Your Turn: What Do You Like (or Not Like) About Twitter?”

It is discouraging to me. I do tweet, but I rarely get a retweet or like. This makes me wonder if people even see it.

Also, when I tweet, I have it set to show up on my FB page. And some people have said they click “the link” which isn’t a link, so then I have to go in and delete the Twitter lettering so people don’t think it is an article to read.

I understand the discouragement part.

I equate Twitter to broadcast radio: there may be hundreds of thousands of people in the coverage area, but only a small fraction of them are actually listening at any one time.

So it seems with Twitter: out of many followers, only a small fraction will ever see our tweets.

(I’m already following you on Twitter, but for anyone else who wants to follow, look for @PattiGreene13.)

I tweet but I’m still a newby. I don’t use it that much, preferring facebook. I simply do not have enough time to look at all the tweets everyday. However I have been trying to use it more. Every time I do a post on my website, it automatically goes to twitter, which reposts it on facebook.
twitter handle @patriciamrobert

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