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Book Review: V is for Vulnerable

V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone

By Seth Godin and illustrated by Hugh MacLeod (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)

Self-proclaimed as “an ABC for grownups,” Seth Godin’s book V is for Vulnerable may look like a kids picture book, but it’s really a creative package to encourage adults “to see the world differently.” In it, Godin shares simple truths to help readers stretch themselves, becoming more of who they were made to be.

In addition to learning that “V is for Vulnerable,” Seth teaches that “Effort isn’t the point, the impact is,” and that “Heroes are people who take risks for the right reasons,” along with 23 other alphabetically ordered insights.

Creatively illustrated by Hugh MacLeod, a clever drawing reinforces each of Seth’s 26 points. These pictures serve to both enlighten and to entertain, adding substance and depth to Godin’s concise coaching.

Buy a copy of V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone for yourself and another one to give to a friend (that’s what I did). Read it today and then reread it each year to refresh its message. I know I will; it’s that important.

(The text of this book, sans pictures, is also included in Appendix 2 of Godin’s book The Icarus Deception.)

[V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone, by Seth Godin. Published by Penguin Group, 2012, ISDN 978-1-59184-610-9, 64 pages; $16.95]

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