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Top 10 Book Publishing Posts in 2014

Here are the ten most popular posts about book publishing in 2014. The comments are still open, so feel free to add to the discussion.

  1. The First Step in Building Your Platform
  2. Five Things You Can Do With E-Books
  3. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear about Book Publishing
  4. What’s a Widget and Why Do I Want Them on My WordPress Blog?
  5. How to Format Your Book Submission
  6. What’s the Difference Between a Category and a Tag on Your WordPress Blog?
  7. Less is More in Website Design
  8. Five Downsides of Traditional Publishing
  9. Three More Tips for Your Book-Promoting Platform
  10. Where Do We Find Beta Readers?

Thank you for reading these posts and following this blog. May you move your next book closer to publication in 2015.

Which post is your favorite? What one would you recommend?

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