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A Lament for W

No, this isn’t a post about George W. Bush.

Instead, this is a blog about the letter W. I feel sorry for W; you see, it’s hard to pronounce.

Consider the phrase, the “World Wide Web.” It is easy to say; it’s concise, with only three syllables, rolling off the tongue.

Ironically, its abbreviation, “WWW” is a veritable tongue twister, requiring a total of nine syllables to spit out—or six, if you slur your speech. Though I’ve heard a few utterances of “Dub, dub, dub” instead of “Double-U, double-U, double-U,” I’ve never heard of W being pronounced “Dub” in other situations.

I think it’s time to start doing so. After all, the other 25 letters in the English alphabet all enjoy one syllable brevity. I think W deserves similar treatment. We need equality for all letters, regardless of their origin or history. Let’s strike a blow for balance and fairness by treating W with the same accord given to all other letters. Let’s be politically correct and call him “Dub” — like he deserves.

What do you think? Will it catch on? Will you give it a try?

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