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Is an Online Critique Group Right For You?

A few weeks ago in my “Critique Groups” post, I stated my desire to be in a writing critique group. I specified I wanted one that met in-person, as opposed to cyberspace. I am now rethinking that.

I recently listened to a podcast entitled “The Care and Feeding of Writing Groups.” It was in the archives of the “The Writing Show,” were host Paula B chatted with Sean Dent about critique groups. Sean gave compelling reasons to pursue online groups instead of in-person meetings. He discussed in glowing praise his positive experiences with Internet-based critique groups.

Among the benefits:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: There are no fixed meeting times and you can participate whenever you wish and to the degree your schedule allows.
  • Greater Selection: It is far easier to find writers that are at a comparable skill and career level, as well as those compatible with your personality.
  • Ad Hoc Connections: As you participate in these groups, writing friendships form—almost as a group within a group—of fellow travelers whose work you respect and whose feedback you trust and value.

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