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My First Writers’ Retreat

A few years ago, I attended my first writers’ retreat, not a writers’ conference or a writers’ seminar, but a writers’ retreat. For twenty-four hours we immersed ourselves in writing.

There were times of instruction and teaching, as well as food and fun, along with a bit of sleep, but the focus was on writing.

I was inspired and motivated to write. And write I did. I cranked out about 2,000 words for my next book, completing the introductory chapter—at least I thought so.

On the drive home, my writing buddy inspired me through our conversation and I decided to expand the chapter. I later added another 1,000 words to it. Plus, I now have the opening sentences for the remaining eight chapters, along with some specific content ideas.

None of this would have happened without the writers’ retreat. Yes, I could have stayed home and written, but I doubt my words would have been as good, as many, or as inspired.

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