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Why I Like to Mix It Up

In my writing journey, I recently submitted my completed dissertation for review and comment. This had been a concerted effort for several months and once achieved, I took a needed writing respite. This didn’t mean completely ceasing all writing activity, as I continued blogging and whatnot, but I intentionally took a break from big projects.

I then segued into writing meditations (often called devotionals—here is an example of a devotional). The nice thing about them is that they are quite short, 250 words or less, allowing one, or sometimes two, to be completely written in one writing session. I’ve cranked out eight and will pick the best six for submission (the maximum allowed by that publisher).

Another publisher will accept up to three at a time, so I will craft three more for them. My plan is it do that this week.

Each publisher has a different style, requirements, and expectations, necessitating that I study examples and carefully follow their guidelines before submitting—and before writing.

Once I complete this second batch of meditations, I will revert to a bigger project, doing so with renewed vigor and excitement, courtesy of a three-week break.

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