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When is Email Click-through Rate Important?

Earlier this year, I blogged about email open rates. Once an email message is opened, another important metric is the “click-through rate.” The click-through rate is the percent of opened messages where the reader clicks on a link in the email message.

Depending on the type of email message, the click-through rate can be critically important or not at all meaningful. For example, if the goal of the message is to get the recipient to respond by clicking on a link, then the click through rate is of paramount importance. However, if the email message is self-contained, presenting all the needed information without needing to take action, then who cares about click-through rate?

Some of the email messages I send out include all the information within the message. Any link a reader clicks on, such as to go to my website, is secondary to them reading the message. Other emails that I send out contain essential links. I am notifying them that information is available, but the recipient needs to click on a link to read it. In this case, click-through rate means a great deal. A third option is in between, with some information included and additional information only a click away.

However, if an email message is a marketing piece, then the call to action is to click on a link. This link will take the person to a landing page where they can request more information, signup for a course, or buy a book. In this case, the click-through rate is critical. It measures the success of the email pitch. A low click-through rate automatically means poor results from the campaign.

If you are using email to market your book, track the click-through rate. Tweak your message to maximize your click-through rate. If your email marketing program allows for split testing, use it. Higher click-through rates should equate to higher books sales. Isn’t that the goal?

Do you use email marketing to let your audience know about your book? What are your click-through rates? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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I have read about this idea in posts of 2000 words.

I like your brief version, Peter.

My blog has been static for a long time; few posts here and there. I plan to work on it in a couple of months, so that I begin blogging my book, effectively.

Thanks for the reminder!

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