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What Are Your Writing Goals?

Although I do not make New Year’s resolutions, I do set annual goals. (The two are different, but I won’t go into that here.) I set personal goals, spiritual goals, financial goals, and writing goals. Not only do I form new goals, but I also review last year’s goals.

Last year, I made four writing goals. (I also had several other secondary goals.) I want my goals to stretch me. Between pushing myself with my writing, the distractions of life, and other opportunities that arose, I only completed three of my four goals. Although disappointed over the missed goal, I know it was quite a reach, so I celebrate my three successes.

Now, I look forward. For this year, I have these writing goals.

  1. To land an agent: Technically, this is an ill-advised goal because the outcome is outside of my control. Yes, I can query agents (one of last year’s goals), but I’m not able to make them decide to represent me.
  2. To overhaul my website: Yes, I did this two years ago, but it’s time to do it again. It needs a cleaner look, with easier navigation, more substance, and less minutia.
  3. To self-publish some of my existing writing: I know, this is a vague goal. I should make a list or at least quantify it by stating how many. The reality is that I want to do at least one and hope for more, which one I pick doesn’t matter. This could include publishing my research, repurposing blog posts, and reworking speeches. At least a dozen ideas come to mind.
  4. To rework my dissertation into a more accessible format: This is a carryover from last year.
  5. To repackage and republish How Big Is Your Tent?: I picked the wrong name for this book, which resulted in the wrong cover. The book was judged by its appearance and found lacking. I believe in the content and need to give it the package it deserves.
  6. To relaunch The Blog Pile into an author anthology blog: The basis for this transformation is in place. I simply need to put in the time to make it happen.

I share my writing goals to encourage you to make your own (and for some self-accountability).

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2 replies on “What Are Your Writing Goals?”

My goals:
1) continue the work of getting my writing room ready to use.
2) Continue the work on my blogs.
3) Decide whether I am going to write my story in a fiction format or non-fiction.
4) Publish at least four articles in magazines, of the devotional type or memoir type.
5) Keep meeting with my writing group.
6) Attend a conference this year.

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