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2012 Festival of Faith and Writing Conference

Last weekend I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing conference. It was in Grand Rapids at Calvin College. With 2,000 in attendance, it is by far the largest writing conference I’ve attended. At three days in length, it is also the longest.

There were sixty presenters and since I am currently working on two memoir-style books, I attended many sessions covering memoirs. As a special treat,I attended an offsite reading, courtesy of my critique group, featuring River Jordan and Amy Julia Becker.

Overall, I heard ten authors read their work. They were most mesmerizing. I wanted to buy a book from each one. And though I didn’t, I did break my “one-book-per-conference” rule, purchasing a book by both River and Amy Julia. I also won a book from one of the exhibitors, so I ended up with three.

The Festival of Faith and Writing conference is a biannual event, and I recommend you plan on it for 2014.

After the conference, I posted a press release on PRlog about my attendance.

This is the first of two writing conferences I will attend this year, with the other one being Breathe.

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