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Don’t Debate Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Don’t Debate Traditional Publishing vs. Self-PublishingThere are 4 reasons why self-publishing versus traditional publishing doesn’t matter

Authors often wonder if they should bypass finding a traditional publisher and just self-publish their books. It’s a weighty question with a plethora of answers.

Each option possesses a list of pros and cons, warranting careful consideration, but today I’ll share four reasons why … read more>>







Can You Self-Publish Your Book For Free?

If we publish our book with a traditional publisher, there are no out-of-pocket expenses. The publisher even pays us an advance. Although it might not be much, at least we receive some money at the beginning of the publishing process.

This is not the case when we self-publish. When we act as our own publisher, there is no advance and there are expenses, which can add up quickly. We don’t earn any money until we can sell copies of our book. And that can take a while…  read more>>

Five Reasons a Writer Should Go With a Traditional Publisher

In “Why Self-publishing Versus Traditional Publishing Doesn’t Matter” I pointed out that both options have the potential to satisfy the core needs of a writer seeking publication. Writers must carefully consider the pros and cons of each option before pursuing either one. The next four posts will consider some of these issues.

To start the discussion, here are five reasons why a writer should go with a traditional publisher…  read more>>

Traditional Publishing is the New Vanity Publishing

I’m not sure who said it first, but over the past several months many have averred that “traditional publishing is the new vanity publishing.”

As writers struggle with the quandary over self-publishing or traditional publishing, many cling to traditional publishing as the preferred solution merely because they see it as validating their work. In their mind, finding a traditional publisher is an endorsement from the corporate world, affirming their book’s viability and ensuring it’s quality…  read more>>