3 Types of Self-Publishing

Explore the 3 types of self-publishing: print, e-books, & audio

Three Types of Self-PublishingSelf-publishing, once vilified as an exercise in vanity, is now accepted as a viable option by most everyone – except perhaps those who earn a living in traditional publishing.

There are three segments to self-publishing: e-publishing (for Kindle and other e-readers), POD (print-on-demand), and audio books. Some POD vendors will also produce an e-book version, allowing for one-stop-shopping… read more>>



Half of Avid Book Readers Prefer Print

Readers who purchase many books each year evenly divide on print versus digital

Half of Avid Book Readers Prefer PrintIn 2012, Book Business magazine, reporting on a Verso Advertising study, noted that 49.7 percent of avid readers refuse to go paperless. They define avid book readers as those who purchase more than ten books per year.

Notice they use the word purchase and don’t say those who read ten or more books. I certainly read more than ten books annually, but I’m not sure if I buy ten…  read more>>



Why Printed Books Are Still Relevant

Though ebooks receive all of the hype, printed books are still important, for both readers and authors

Why Printed Books Are Still RelevantPeople like to talk about what is new, what is exciting, and what is fresh. That’s why the book publishing industry has so much buzz about reading digital books and listening to audio books.

I’m won’t dismiss those options–because they’re exciting opportunities for authors–but I do caution against overreacting. While digital and audio are fun, sexy, and viable, print is still king…  read more>>


Will Your Book Be Around in 100 Years?

Review of: Union And Communion or Thoughts on the Song of SolomonMy mom recently found an old book in her basement. My great grandfather’s name is written on the inside cover, along with his address in Chicago. The book was published in 1914. Yes, that’s right, 1914 – one hundred years ago.

My mom had never seen the book before. We don’t know why my father kept it, or the motivation of his mother before him. Yet we have the writing of J Hudson Taylor (a missionary to China) passed down as a family heirloom… read more>>



Long Live the Printed Word

For all the hype about e-books and e-readers, along with news coverage about brick-and-mortar bookstores closing, it may come as a surprise that more printed books are still being consumed than e-books. Though a tipping point may soon come, the printed word still reigns.

Despite this trend towards digital, there will always be a place for the printed word. As a justification for this assessment, I cite Star Trek. Yes, I’m using a sci-fi show to predict the future…  read more>>