Use the Right Editor for Your Book

Following every suggestion from the wrong editor leads to wrong results

Use the Right Editor for Your BookIn my work as a magazine publisher I learned early on that I needed an editor. After a couple of issues with embarrassing mistakes, I realized I would never catch all the errors myself. I hired someone to edit the articles before the printing press permanently immortalized them. For a while I dual-sourced this, but eventually I picked one; she has been working with me for about fifteen years. (By the way, we’ve never met; we do all our work via email.) read more>>

Let’s Make the New Year Your Best Year Yet

Happy New Year!In The Book Blog we talk about writing books, producing books, and marketing books. Successful writers must do all three. Neglect one element and your book will fail to meet your expectations and reach its full potential.

Even if you find a traditional publisher they will only handle the second requirement: publishing your book. Unless you are an A-list author they will do little marketing for you and expect you to put forth most of the effort. read more>>