Kalamazoo Christian Writers Critique Group Holds First Meeting

Peter DeHaan and Jerry Barrett have started a writers critique group, Kalamazoo Christian Writers (KCW), based in Kalamazoo Michigan. The first meeting was held on July 11 at The Point, a non-profit community center located on the west side of Kalamazoo.

KCW materials passed out at the inaugural meeting state, “Though this is a Christian writers group, there is no expectation that all our work must be ostensible ‘Christian’ writing. Christians who write have a place in virtually every genre, market, and industry; we need to embrace and support that.”

“The response was great,” said co-founder Peter DeHaan. “We talked about the vision for the group, shared the critiquing process, and practiced on a couple of pieces.” Attendees were universally excited about the group and what it will offer to improve their writing and advance their careers.

For some time Barrett and DeHaan have been making an hour drive twice a month to take part in another critique group. When they realized the value of group critiquing and with the uncertainty of winter driving in Michigan, they began making plans to form a local group. Though the two intend to remain connected with the first group, this new endeavor, KCW, will be their focus.

“The main value of a critique group is to help the writer to look at the window of the craft of writing not through it,” said co-founder Jerry Barrett. “The goal of critique is to help one another, as writers, to accentuate what is clear for the reader and to remove possible smudges on the pane.”

The critiquing process is scalable, so there’s no limit to the size of the group – and the meeting room is large enough to accommodate a much larger scope. Regardless of the number present, writers will split into manageable sized groups to maximize effectiveness and minimize time requirements. Critiquing is best when done in groups of four or five, with everyone having a piece to share and everyone providing feedback.

The group meets the second Wednesday of each month. Email Peter DeHaan for more information.


Writer’s Critique Group Forming

Earlier this year, my buddy and I started attending a writers’ critique group. It has been beneficial to us, offering encouragement, affirmation, and correction. Unfortunately, it takes us an hour to get there—and even longer when the weather is bad.

Though we will remain connected with that group, we are also starting our own writers’ critique group, closer to home, in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. If you live near the ‘Zoo and want to check things out or join us, add a comment here or email me (

Here’s the official invite:

We are in the process of starting a Christian Writers’ Critique Group in the Kalamazoo area. It is open to all interested writers at any level. We will meet once a month, likely on Tuesday night. If you—or anyone you know—is interest in learning more, please contact me.

I hope to hear from you!