Put the Reader First or Risk Losing Them

Write for your audience, and don’t try to impress others with your skill

Put the Reader First or Risk Losing ThemI recently read a nonfiction book. My assessment was that the author wrote to impress more than to educate. Though I did learn from her words, I’d have gained much more had she gotten out of the way and put me, the reader, first. I didn’t care how educated she was or about her sometimes sassy style. I wanted her to teach me.

Whatever we’write, we need to put the reader first and…  read more>>




How to Build a Fan Base

Every writer needs avid supporters to help get the word out about his or her books

How to Build a Fan BaseWhen it comes to marketing our book we need a group of loyal followers. They are apt to buy our books and will be excited to tell others about them. We need a platform.

Most writers cringe at the word platform. That’s probably why some people use other words. One person says tribe and another prefers community, while others say street team. I prefer the word fans, which is short for fanatic. Yes… read more>>



Should You Be a Writer or an Entrepreneur?

Should You Be a Writer or an Entrepreneur?Authors are advised to treat their writing like a business

If you write solely for the fun of it or treat writing as a mere hobby, then don’t read this post. Seriously, it will just make you mad.

But if you want to succeed as a writer, regardless of how you define success, then this post should give you some ideas to consider. Let me know what you think…  read more>>



8 Ways to Measure Success as an Author

Author discusses possible ways to measure publishing success

What Are You MeasuringAs an author how do you measure success? Here are eight possible ways:

1) Number of Books Published: What do you think when you read an author bio and learn they’ve written over one hundred books? You may think they’re successful. I wonder if they do. How many books does a writer need to publish to be successful? Many will likely say, “Just a few more”…  read more>>


Let’s Make the New Year Your Best Year Yet

Happy New Year!We talk about writing books, producing books, and marketing books. Successful writers must do all three. Neglect one element and your book will fail to meet expectations and reach its potential.

Even a traditional publisher will only handle the second requirement: publishing your book. Unless you are an A-list author they will do little marketing and expect…  read more>>



The Power of Podcasting: Four Reasons to Have an Author Podcast

The Power of Podcasting: Four Reasons to Have an Author PodcastIt seems people are jumping on the podcasting bandwagon. They want to grow their audience and build their platform in order to sell their books (or whatever other product or service they have to offer).

This makes sense. Look at the recent surge of interest in audiobooks, with people who read books by listening to a recording. They do this during their work commute, as they exercise, or when they attend to…  read more



Know Your Target Book Length Before You Start Writing

Know Your Target Book Length Before You Start WritingIt seems many writers start writing a book without knowing how long it should be. Often they end up with a length that lacks marketability, can’t be economically produced, or will require substantial edits to make it the right size. It may be too long; it may be too short. Both problems take time to fix – if they can be fixed at all.

A friend recently finished writing her “book.” At 8,500 words, she hoped that would be okay…  read more>>

Seven Marketing Touches Are Required for Success

Seven Marketing Touches Are Required for SuccessMarketing experts says it takes an average of seven marketing touches before a consumer buys a product. Advertisers who run a couple of ads and give up are giving up too quickly. As writers with a book (or service) to sell, we need to keep this in mind if we want to maximize our success.

While we can accomplish each of these seven touches via the same channel, we should…  read more>>



Three Reasons to Comment on Blog Posts – and One Reason Not To

Three Reasons to Comment on Blog Posts – and One Reason Not ToThere are several blogs I follow; I read them whenever I can. Sometimes I just read, and other times I read and comment. Only a small percent of blog readers take time to comment.

The reasons are many: too busy, a lack of confidence, not knowing what to say, fear, and so forth. There are, however, some reasons why we should comment. Here are three…  read more>>


Public Relations and Promoting Your Book

Book publishing is more than just writing and producing books; it is also about selling them. Selling books requires a host of skills, including marketing, promotion, and public relations. Yes, public relations – PR for short.

At its most basic level, public relations is managing the flow of information from an entity (a company, organization, or an individual) to the public. As in the case of authors, the goal of this flow of information is to… read more>>