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This blog, “The Musings of Peter DeHaan,” is my original blog.

I started it on January 1, 2008.

Although, I’ve been consistently blogging since then, I’ve not posted too much on this blog lately, but have been blogging on my other blogs. You can read my posts on:

My main blog, Spiritually Speaking, where I post new content throughout the week.

On Saturdays, I blog about writing on Byline and on Wednesdays, I blog about book publishing at Peter DeHaan Publishing.

Of course, I still occasionally blog here when I have something to share that doesn’t fit the other blogs.

I look forward to seeing you on my other blogs!


Top 10 Posts for 2012 on Byline

Here are the ten most popular posts on Byline for 2012. Thank you for reading these posts:

  1. Get Published Quick
  2. Be Careful With Slang
  3. Confusing Words
  4. Same Word – Opposite Meaning
  5. Why Do You Write?
  6. The 2012 Breathe Christian Writers Conference
  7. Writing Press Releases
  8. Writing Book Reviews
  9. Beware of Commonly Confused Words
  10. Don’t Just Think About Writing

Blog Focus Switches to Book Publishing

Blogger to Narrow Focus and Address Book Publishing

Mattawan, Michigan – Peter DeHaan announced a refocusing of his blog “From the Publishers Desk” to address all aspects of book publishing and the the rapid changes occurring in the industry. “When I started this blog, I offered commentary, news, and tips for all things publishing related. This included magazine publishing, newsletter publishing, online publishing, book publishing, e-books, marketing, advertising, and postal costs. I would even occasionally talk about the magazines I publish,” said Peter DeHaan.

“Although these things all interest me, I covered too many subjects to connect with readers all of the time. From one week to the next, no one knew what I’d be sharing — or if they’d find it interesting.”

From this point forward this blog will focus on book publishing.

This will include printed books and e-books, traditional publishing and self-publishing.

“I hope you’ll stay with me for the journey,” concluded Peter DeHaan, “and please tell your friends about Peter DeHaan Publishing.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]


Welcome to Byline by Peter DeHaan

Byline is a blog about writing. The purpose is to write about writing, to share what I know about the craft and what I am still learning.

I have been writing for over 30 years in conjunction with my various vocations, so in one sense I am a seasoned writer, with hundreds of published articles to my credit—and more than a dozen websites. I have also been blogging for three years, with hundreds of posts. One of my blogs is The Musings of Peter DeHaan, a blog sharing a slice of life to inspire and entertain.

On the other hand, I have only recently become interested in writing books. So in this sense, I am a newbie, learning the ropes of writing longer works. I have not published a book and, in fact, I am yet to write one—though I am overflowing with ideas. (I have written two theses and am working on a second dissertation15—but do they count?)

A noteworthy item is that I’ve spent the last nine years as a magazine publisher, so I get the chance to read a lot of articles and press releases. Some of the submissions are good, most are okay, and occasionally a few are just plan awful.

That’s who I am and what this blog will cover. If you are a writer, or interested in writing, I hope that Byline will help you with your journey—it will help me on mine.

We will start our exciting journey with a series of posts of “Writing Tips.”


A New Blog: From the Publisher’s Desk

This blog, the “Musings of Peter DeHaan,” is about nothing, but covers everything. It is essentially a sharing of my stream of conscience. While this blog will continue unabated, I have started another blog, one with a stated purpose and goal.

It is a business blog, called “From the Publishers Desk,” and shares my tips and commentary about advertising and marketing. If this topic is of interest, I encourage you to check it out. Just like this blog, you can sign up to be notified via email of new posts or subscribe to a list feed.

[In 2013, the name of the blog changed to “The Book Blog,” and the focus became book publishing. All old posts were saved in the archive section.]