How to Start a Telephone Answering Service

Do You Want to Start a Telephone Answering Service?

How to Start a Telephone Answering Service, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
  • Do you have the dream, the vision, and the drive to be a business owner?
  • Do you yearn for fulfilling work and to be your own boss?
  • Perhaps all you need is a bit of practical information to get started.

If this describes you, then How to Start an Answering Service is the missing component you need. This essential, no-nonsense guide will tell you exactly what you must know in a concise, easy-to-follow manual and without all the fluff.

Learn practical insider tips to launching your own telephone answering service business from longtime industry expert Peter Lyle DeHaan

Written by industry veteran Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, How to Start an Answering Service will explain what to expect and what to avoid. This insider’s view of the telephone answering service industry will:

  • Answer common questions
  • Correct widespread misconceptions that trip up many people
  • Clarify why most answering services fail
  • Develop a winning startup plan
  • Expose common pitfalls
  • Provide critical industry background
  • Share marketing tips and priorities
  • Explain how to hire and train staff
  • Reveal a successful growth strategy

But There’s More

Most importantly How to Start an Answering Service details a 17-point action plan to guide you in every step of the way in starting your own telephone answering service business.

That’s right, How to Start an Answering Service unveils a step-by-step guide to move you from dream to reality with practical, easy-to-follow actions that you can start on day one.

How to Start an Answering Service is your first step to own a business, help others, and enjoy fulfilling work.

Don’t put it off. Start moving into your future today.

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“Everything I’ve learned in those 50 years [in the industry], Peter summed up in 110 pages. His thoughts on the industry and the challenges are spot on.” -Paul Lloyd

“Finally a book on how to start an answering service filled with very important information on the history of the industry and the necessary options available today in starting an answering service. This book contains lots of vendor information that is pertinent for anyone who is looking into starting an answering service.” -Edmond C.

“Excellent book with lots of solid advice. Wish I had discovered it earlier.” -Gary A. Edwards

“This excellent book will give you the ins and outs of starting an answering service with all of the nuances needed to understand the industry. Finally someone has come out with an up-to-date version.” -Steve Michaels

“This book is a good read for people thinking about getting into the answering service business and those already in the answering services business. It is a true representation of what it takes to get started and also a good warning for people who think this is an easy business.” -Kurt

“I was delighted to see this much-needed guide. Thinking of starting an answering service? Start here.” -Arthur Cronos

“This is a succinct instruction guide for the novice business owner looking to start an answering service. It is thorough, well written, and covers a wide variety of topics needed for the first time buyer.” -Donna L. Peltier-Chaffee

“It’s an easy read, and breaks down, in complete detail, the “ins and outs” of the telephone answering service business.” -Lynsey

“Peter’s insight into this industry comes across throughout this book. His how to gives the reader a guide to “things to think about” and where to start. I would highly recommend this book to anyone considering the answering service business as well as those already running a service.” -Leann Delaney

“If you start a telephone answering service, this book is a MUST read. Peter’s extensive knowledge of the business and his hands on experience in every aspect of the industry provides a step by step guide to running a very successful business.” -Mike Friedel

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About Peter Lyle DeHaan

How to Start an Answering Service is written by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD. He knows what he’s talking about, having invested his life in the industry. In his 35-year career, Peter has

  • managed answering services,
  • owned answering services,
  • optimized answering services, and
  • helped entrepreneurs start answering services.

In addition, Peter Lyle DeHaan has worked for an answering service vendor. He managed their customer service department, coded software, and wrote technical manuals. And Peter has provided his expertise to the industry as a $2,400-a-day consultant to help answering services maximize their processes and profits.

With an MBA and PhD in business administration, Peter researched the industry for his dissertation, as well as for his Master’s thesis. He is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the leading industry publications: TAS Trader and Connections Magazine.

Peter Lyle DeHaan knows the telephone answering service industry and generously offers his years of experience in How to Start an Answering Service, available in paperback and e-book.

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