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Peter DeHaan Publishing produces the following publications, with Peter Lyle DeHaan as the publisher and editor-in-chief. Check out these online magazines, e-zines, and newsletters.

Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc

Peter Lyle DeHaan's Connections Magazine

Connections Magazine is the premier magazine for the teleservices industry, outsource contact centers, and corporate call centers worldwide. It is also the cornerstone publication of Peter DeHaan Publishing.

Connections Magazine is produced by Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc

It is distributed via email to qualified readers at outsourcing call centers, customer service agencies, telephone answering services, and telemessaging companies in the United States.

The Connections Magazine website provides on-line articles, subscription info, vendor information, convention calendar, advertising opportunities, and news.

Peter Lyle DeHaan publisher of AnswerStat

Answer Stat is the information hub for healthcare contact center news and resources.

It is distributed to qualified readers at hospital and medical related contact centers in the United States and around the world.

The AnswerStat website provides on-line articles, subscription info, vendor info, advertising opportunities, news, and industry resources.

TAS Trader by Peter Lyle DeHaan

TAS Trader focuses exclusively on the needs, concerns, and opportunities of the Telephone Answering Service (TAS) Industry. It is written by the TAS industry and is for the TAS industry.

TAS Trader is a bimonthly publication for the telephone answering service industry. TAS Trader provides a place where telephone answering service owners, managers, and leaders can come to buy and sell products and services, to learn new ideas and information about the industry, and ultimately to succeed at what they do.

Medical Call Center News by Peter Lyle DeHaan

Medical Call Center News is your prime source of information relevant to the healthcare call center industry. It is distributed via email to industry professionals, decision makers, and influencers at healthcare and medical related call centers around the world.

Medical Call Center News is published bimonthly and emailed to telehealth organizations and medical call centers worldwide.