P. D. Haan: Young Adult Author

Can’t-put-it-down books that are too edgy for Christian publishers but too spiritual for the general market audience.

Girl's volleyballThis is where the girl-powered YA fiction of P. D. Haan fits in—or more correctly, where it doesn’t fit.

Want gripping stories with strong female characters—girls you want to be and who the guys want to be with? Read about real issues you and your friends face in school every day? Plus a bit more? Then look no further.

Let't go horseback ridingOf course, you don’t want to gag on simple solutions to complex problems, either. No worries. Not going to happen here. We’ll skip the stuff that’s too slick and totally lame. For reals.

Meet Brianna, the dashing but shy Nicky, and her growing list of friends—and enemies.

Here’s how it starts:

a fatal car accident

Brianna Turner had known Nicholas Brower since kindergarten, and ever since fourth grade she dreamed of knowing him better. She fantasized their first date, planned their wedding, and picked names for their two kids, but she wasn’t sure if he even knew who she was. Maybe the first step should be talking, but so far he had never said one word to her. Love sucks.

Then a fatal car accident threatens to ruin it all, squashing their romance before it can even sprout. Will Breanna find true love, or will her secret crush end up behind bars?

Check out what early readers have to say:

  • “I was hooked and barely put it down.” -Amy
  • “The book was amazing.” -Darrin
  • “This is the way teen girls think!” -Holly
  • “A good YA read with a decent balance of dialogue, action, and setting.” -Jody
  • “A great rom-com.” -Jeremy

Ice creamed: YA seriesThe Ice Creamed series, by YA author P. D. Haan, will launch later in 2018. The first three books in the series are:

  • Ice Creamed
  • In-Lawed
  • Summer Jobbed
  • with more to follow

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