Top Posts for 2013

Check out my top writing posts from last year. The comments are still open, so feel free to add to the discussion. The top twelve posts for Byline in 2013 are:

  1. Seven Simple Tips For Stronger Writing
  2. Why We Need to Write Every Day With Intention
  3. The Risk of Comparing Ourselves to Others
  4. How to Find Your Writing Voice
  5. Stay Within Your Genre: The Importance of Consistency
  6. The Four Parts of a Writer’s Voice
  7. Shall I Bring You a Soda or Leave It Be?
  8. Seven Reasons Why Writers Need Each Other
  9. Is Building a Platform Like Walking the Plank?
  10. Three Keys to Becoming a Better Writer
  11. Are You Introverted?
  12. How to Format Your Submission

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