Top 10 Posts about Writing and Publishing from Peter DeHaan

Check out my all-time, top 10 posts about writing and publishing:

Top 10 writing and publishing blog posts from Author Peter DeHaan

Based on your input, the top 10 posts are:

  1. Why Printed Books Are Still Relevant
  2. The Nine Errors of Self-Publishing
  3. 6 Writing Tips to Quickly Pick-up Where You Left Off and Not Waste Time
  4. 12 Tips for Better WordPress Content Creation
  5. Are You a Rookie or a Professional Writer?
  6. How to Format Thoughts in Writing
  7. Using Dictation Software to Write Fiction
  8. The Main Problem with Self-Publishing is Poor Content
  9. The Future of Books: What are the Prospects for Book Publishing?
  10. The Fifth Error of Self-Publishing: Formatting Errors

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