Author Peter DeHaan Launches New Website

Peter DeHaan announced the unveiling of his new website,, which addresses his writing life and career. The site highlights his current and future writing projects provides a hub for his blogs and details his writing services. It includes a Twitter feed and two blog feeds. It also allows for site search, as well as to simultaneously search all of Peter’s dozen-plus websites using Google Custom Search.

“I’ve wanted this site for a long time,” said Peter DeHaan, Ph.D. “Some people know me as a blogger, others as a columnist, many know me as a magazine publisher, and a few know me for my academic research. I also do freelance work and enjoy assisting other writers. This site pulls all that information together, serving as a hub for my writing career.”

Peter DeHaan has been writing for over three decades, publishing his first article in 1983. Since then, much of his writing has focused on the general business market and telecommunications. He has published hundreds of articles and written four academic research papers, including two Ph.D. dissertations. An active blogger, Peter currently publishes five blogs, all of which are available from his new website. He is currently working on two memoir-style books about spirituality.

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