My Top Blog Entries 2008

I’ve been blogging for six months now, posting 120 entries.  It’s been a learning experience and an enjoyable endeavor.  I’m still not writing as quickly as I would like or as accurately — seemingly every post requires an edit or two.

Weekly readership has grown to about 700, which should prove to my incredulous wife that people — aside from family — are actually reading my blog.  I receive about one posted comment per three entries — and about twice as many email responses.  Doing a bit of interpolation on the stats, there have been about 13,000 times that posts have been read so far.

My top entries are an interesting collection:

I assumed after a post had been online for a while, that interest would die off, but that is not the case.  Older entries continue to be read, well past the date they were posted.

I’m also getting a feel for what isn’t read as much.  I ponder if I should steer towards topics that have the potential for greater appeal or stick with the eclectic topics that spark my interest.

In any regard, blogging is one way of extending publishing to the Internet.  Yes, my magazines have websites, but blogging takes it to the next level.  So whether it is in print or online, I am a dedicated publisher.

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