Blog Focus Switches to Book Publishing

Blogger to Narrow Focus and Address Book Publishing

Mattawan, Michigan – Peter DeHaan announced a refocusing of his blog “From the Publishers Desk” to address all aspects of book publishing and the the rapid changes occurring in the industry. “When I started this blog, I offered commentary, news, and tips for all things publishing related. This included magazine publishing, newsletter publishing, online publishing, book publishing, e-books, marketing, advertising, and postal costs. I would even occasionally talk about the magazines I publish,” said Peter DeHaan.

“Although these things all interest me, I covered too many subjects to connect with readers all of the time. From one week to the next, no one knew what I’d be sharing — or if they’d find it interesting.”

From this point forward this blog will focus on book publishing.

This will include printed books and e-books, traditional publishing and self-publishing.

“I hope you’ll stay with me for the journey,” concluded Peter DeHaan, “and please tell your friends about Peter DeHaan Publishing.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

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