Update from the Book Blog

The Book Blog Merges with Peter DeHaan’s Byline to Cover the Art of Writing and the Business of Publishing

All keyposts from The Book Blog have been successfully integrated into my writing blog, Byline, with a convenient feed of recent posts on this site.

The scope of Byline has been appropriately expanded to now cover “the art of writing and the business of book publishing.”

New content about writing and publishing is added to Byline each week. Please check out my latest posts. And while you’re there, leave your email address in the sidebar on the right to receive an email each time a new post goes live.

The Book Blog has seven categories of information. Commentary, Marketing, Publishing Trends, Self-publishing, and Tips have all be integrated into Byline. The remaining two categories of News and Archives have not and remain here in their entirety.

Thank you for reading The Book Blog. I look forward to seeing you at Byline.