AnswerStat & Connections Magazines Expand Digital Editions

When digital magazine viewers first came on the scene, they were cumbersome to use and the cost to produce them was thousands of dollars per issue.

As an alternative, I have been posting pdf files of each issue on my Websites for users to access, read, save, print, and share. This online resource goes back to December of 2001 for Connections Magazine and from the inception of AnswerStat magazine, in the summer of 2003.

Over time, the digital magazines viewers have steadily become simpler to use and the costs have dropped significantly. Therefore, I am excited to announce that both Connections Magazine and AnswerStat magazine.

These viewers allow users to:

  • easily flip through the issue on your computer
  • print out select pages or the entire thing
  • forward it to a friend
  • search for specific text
  • add notes for later reference
  • view the table of contents and list of advertisers from drop down menus
  • plus, all the article and ad links are active
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