The Spin Cycle

Last week in Information Week magazine there was a headline, “Chertoff is Cyber-Insecure.” The caption for a snarling photo of Michael Chertoff, added “Homeland Security chief expects trouble.”  What followed with an alarming discourse on the vulnerability of the government of the United States of America to a large-scale cyber invasion, such as what was launched against the government of Estonia last year.

The report left me panicked and concerned about the viability of our government’s ongoing ability to function and provide services to our country.  I began to formulate “what if” plans—and didn’t like the implications.

However, also last week, eWeek magazine, covering the same event, entitled their piece, “The new Manhattan Project” (a reference to the successful and collaborative, full-out effort to develop the atomic bomb to end WWII).  Their photo was of smiling Michael Chertoff, with the assuring caption, “Chertoff: Government is increasing security efforts.”  The article identified the same risks, however placed them within the framework of a concerted and proactive effort by the US government to anticipate, thwart, and negate such attempts.

I was gratefully relieved and confident after reading this piece.

Is the glass half-empty or half full?  What ever happened to reporting the facts, sans interpretation and spin?

Frankly, I don’t know which angle to believe, but I’ll go for optimism over pessimism any day.

Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, is an author, blogger, and publisher with over 30 years of writing and publishing experience. Check out his book The Successful Author for insider tips and insights.

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