The Relaunch of the WB — An Online Video Network

You may remember the TV network, The WB. As I recall, a couple of years ago it merged programming schedules with UPN, to form CW.

Anyway, The WB website has just been relaunched as an Internet-based video-on-demand network.

In addition to new programming, it has past episodes of popular shows such as “Angel,” “Babylon 5,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Everwood,” “Firefly,” “Friends,” “Gilmore Girls,” “In Living Color,” “The Loop” “MADtv,” “The O.C.,” “One Tree Hill,” “Roswell,” “Smallville” and (my favorite) “Veronica Mars.”

It also has an interactive section and allows for integration with Facebook.

The WB is an indication of things to come, as video programming continues to move to the Internet.

Another case in point is Olympic coverage on I used the site during the Olympics (though not as much as I expected), checking schedules, getting background info, and watching a few events. In four years, I suspect that I will be watching most of the Olympics online.

A related example is Netflix and their “watch now” service and TV set top devices (see the Netflix Player).

Yes, video is moving to the Internet and even though I will not likely be a regular viewer of The WB (their target demographic is 16 to 34), I am ready to embrace this exciting technological development.

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