The Movie Maven

Yesterday I confessed to a proclivity for movies and a great affection for Netflix.

With Netflix, you can rate movies on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.  Based on the movies you rate, Netflix recommends other titles that you might like and even projects what rating you might give them. Right now, Netflix has 138 recommended movies for me!

I recall that the average Netflix member has rated about 140 movies. In this regard, I am above average – way above average. I’ve rated—drum roll, please – 917 movies! (See why I’m trying to cut back?) And that doesn’t include movies I’ve seen, but can’t remember well enough to rate.

My rating scale is simple:

5 stars: the movie was great and I happily watch it over and over.
4 stars: the movie was quite good and I might be inclined to watch it again.
3 stars: the movie was good, but once was enough.
2 stars: I didn’t like the movie and wouldn’t recommend it.
1 star: the movie was awful and I regret the time I wasted watching it.

There are 89 movies that I have given 5 stars to. They include all genres, from all eras. Most movies I have given 3 stars to. I gave 2 stars to 47 and 1 star to only 17.

Right now, I’m quite excited. Netflix just sent Fantastic Four and it should arrive tomorrow. If I like it, I’ll probably order the next one, too!

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