Summertime TV Shows

I’m tending to watch less and less television (see Watch What You Watch). Of what I do watch, movies top the list (see Movie Maven), with bits and pieces of sports coming in second. The number of regular shows that I watch are few in number, three to be exact. Interestingly, all three broadcast new shows in the summer.

The first is Animal Kingdom’s creative and compelling Meerkat Manor. If you’re not familiar with it, think reality TV with a bit of soap opera-like drama in the animal kingdom. It has it all: drama, conflict, evolving relationships, intrigue, and life and death situations.  For more background, see the Wikipedia entry or watch a video summary on YouTube. Now in its fourth season, it features the “next generation” of meerkats.

The next show is Monk on the USA Network. Monk is a former homicide detective who now works as a consultant for the same department that formerly employed him. You see, Monk has some issues: he struggles with more phobia’s than can be fathomed and is obsessive compulsive to the extreme. Oh yes, one more thing, his powers of observation and deduction are keen—he solves every case with brilliance.  The new season starts next Friday, July 18th.

And of most interest to me is Burn Notice, also on the USA Network.  The season premier was last night and worthy of season one’s intrigue and promise. Burn Notice is about Michael Weston, a spy who was disavowed and cut off. The storyline is that in the course discovering who “burned” him and restoring his credibility, Michael puts his espionage skills to work helping others who find themselves in desperate situations.

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