Online TV Viewership Doubles in Two Years

I recently shared my growing interest in watching TV online, noting the Relaunch of the WB—”An Online Video Network” and proclaiming this an indication of things to come.

Apparently, it is coming sooner rather later. In a press release I received today, The Conference Board confirmed that online TV viewing has been gaining in popularity, with nearly 20 percent of American households who use the Internet watching TV online. This doubles viewership from the prior year. The report indicates that the top two destinations for online viewing are the official TV websites and

The press release stated that “most consumers do not like a set schedule. Being able to watch broadcasts on their own time and at their convenience are the top reasons users tune in online.  Other reasons include avoiding commercials and portability.”

Online viewership is broken down as:

  • News: 43%
  • Drama shows: 39%
  • Sitcom/comedy shows: 34%
  • Reality shows: 23%
  • Sports: 16%
  • User generated content: 15%

“The shift from appointment TV to content on demand is well underway,” said Michael Saxon.  I heartily concur.

In a related item, NBC made an estimated 5.75 million dollars in online video advertising during the Olympics—not bad for 17 days!

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