Oil Cleanup Costs

A few weeks ago, I mentioned another oil spill, this one in my home state.

Although smaller than the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this one is still estimated to be 1 million gallons—which to me is a huge amount of petroleum.

Today it was reported that the company responsible for the spill estimated that the cleanup would end up costing them $400 million.  That’s about $400 for each gallon spilled!

Though I’ve not heard news recently about the status of the clean up—since the media enjoys broadcasting bad news, I assume that no news is good news—it seems that the focus has already shifted beyond cleanup to the cost.

For PB it is a much different story. They will be in the news for a long, long time — and I suspect that their effective cost per gallon spilled will likewise be much, much more than $400 a gallon.

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