Movie Madness

Last week I mentioned that I’ve scaled back on my TV watching.  Coupled with that is cutting down on movies, but that’s been a bit harder.

You see, I really like movies. It would be all too easy for me to check out and watch one every evening. But, again, that’s not a wise use of my time.  So I have become much more discriminating in both the quality and the quantity of the movies in which I partake.

I suppose my favorite genre is dramas. A more recent favorite is The Ultimate Gift. Next is sci-fi.  Star-Trek and Star Wars top the list.  Transformers was especially enjoyable as well.

I like a good comedy, but there aren’t too many good comedies any more; what passes for humor nowadays is either crass or gratuitous slapstick or crassly gratuitous slapstick.  I think I’ll pass. The In Laws was a notable exception; though it would have done better with a more creative title.

Many of the recent animation features have been quite good. I also enjoy a romance as long as it doesn’t get too sappy.

Action adventures are generally low on my list, although I really liked the Bourne movies (personally, I’m pulling for a fourth installment – there is more to the Jason/Nikki story that must be told). Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight (think of a female version of Bourne Identity meets Die Hard) was an incredible action adventure anomaly. I’ll pass on the Bond movies, as well as the Die Hard series.

Musicals are bottom on my list (such as the popular High School Musical). However, the remake of Hairspray was wonderful.

If you’ve checked out the links I’ve provided, you’ll see that I’m a big fan of IMDB – the Internet Movie Database. I’m an even bigger fan of Netflix – which I will tell you about tomorrow (unless something else comes up).

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