Internet Explorer 8

I received an email from Microsoft yesterday.  They announced that Internet Explorer 8 would soon be released.

Then came the interesting part.  They want me to make sure that my websites are compatible with their browser, the new IE 8.  Isn’t that a bit backwards?  Shouldn’t their new browser be compatible with existing websites?  If a website displays correctly with IE 7, shouldn’t they make absolutely, positively sure that it will work equally well with IE 8?

So, how do I check to make sure my website is compatible?  Oh, it’s so simple, just download the beta version of IE 8 and view my websites.  If they display properly, then I am compatible.  Gee.  Really?

Between my dozen websites, that amounts to about 5,000 pages.  Viewing each page, assuming I take no breaks or have any distractions would take about 14 hours (at 10 seconds per page).  However, the logistics of tracking which pages I have checked and which pages are pending would be a formidable task, easily doubling or tripling the amount of time.  Then, what if a page needed to be tweaked?  That would take much more than 10 seconds per page.

Hey, I have a different idea.  Let’s not use Internet Explorer 8.  Problem solved.

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