Doritos Consumer Produced Spots on the Super Bowl

I recently blogged that Doritos will be running consumer produced spots during the Super Bowl.  In January, voting took  place to determine which three of the finalists will be aired during the Super Bowl.  I watched all six and ranked them in the following order:

1) “Casket”

2) “Underdog”

3) “House Rules”

4) “Kids These Days”

5) “The Smackout”

6) “Snack Attack Samurai”

Although the Crash the Super Bowl website doesn’t show vote totals, it does show how many times each spot has been viewed.  I suspect there is a direct correlation between views and votes.  Here is how they rank in terms of views:

1) “Casket”

2) “Snack Attack Samurai”

3) “House Rules”

4) “Kids These Days”

5) “Underdog”

6) “The Smackout”

“Casket” was watched almost 20% more often than the second most viewed ad.  Interestingly, this ranking of views is the same now as it was a couple weeks ago.  One might infer that the voting rank also didn’t change over this same span.  Regardless, watch the Super Bowl to see which ads won.

If people agree with me, then it will be “Casket,” “Underdog,” and “House Rules.”

If views equal votes, then it will be “Casket,” “Snack Attack Samurai,” and “House Rules.”  Or it could be something else!

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