Doritos Ads to “Crash the Super Bowl”

With only four football teams left in contention, the Super Bowl is fast approaching—and with it Super Commercials.

This year, Doritos will again be running consumer produced spots during the Super Bowl. Their Crash the Super Bowl promotion generated over 4,000 submissions. The top six were selected as finalists and the voting has begun to pick the top three. The top three vote getters will be run during the Super Bowl.

I’ve checked them out and all are good, but three are decidedly better.  Here’s how I rank them:

1) “Casket”

2) “Underdog”

3) “House Rules”

4) “Kids These Days”

5) “The Smackout”

6) “Snack Attack Samurai”

I will be watching to see if my top three picks are aired.

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