Did Avatar Hit Too Close to Home?

Reportedly the largest grossing movie of all time in China is Avatar, ballooning up to $76 million in a couple of weeks.

That meteoric trajectory is about to stop, however; the movie was essentially banned in China when showings of all 2-D versions were abruptly halted this week.  (The 3-D and I-Max versions will still be shown through February.)

Apparently, bloggers and activists began drawing parallels between Avatar the movie and China’s large land developers’ grab on the land of the locals who merely want to live simple, peaceful lives.

Doesn’t China’s suppression of Avatar then become an admission of guilt?  After all, if there were no validity to the allegorical allusions, then allowing the movie to continue would not be problematic.  However, suppressing the source of the dialog only seems to confirm that the allegations have merit.

Did Avatar hit too close to home with the Chinese power elite?  That seems to be the case.

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