Birthday and Anniversary Celebration

Over the weekend, my bride celebrated her birthday.  I won’t tell you how old she is, but be aware that she doesn’t yet fit AARP’s target demographic.  Next year that will change.  Until then, I am the one they are steadfastly pursuing.  Their most recent membership offer (the fourth, as I recall) was for five years at only $39.95.  It sounds like a good deal, but mentally I’m not yet ready to make the plunge.  So I will wait — until I feel old.

Anyway, we managed to celebrate her birthday all weekend long.  On Monday we went to bd’s Mongolian Barbecue in recognition of our anniversary — which was five months ago!

Although we seldom party on our actual anniversary date, we’ve never been this tardy, but as long as it’s within six months, it’s all good.  If we wait longer than a half a year, then it technically it becomes an advance celebration for next year.

I’m not sure how that would fly with my bride, but fortunately, I won’t have to find out — at least, not this year.

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