A Minor Mea Culpa

My bride has challenged me to post a retraction of a prior blog.  It’s not a major mea culpa, but rather a clarification of intent.

After the remnant of Hurricane Ike dumped 9 inches of water on my freshly fertilized lawn and knowing that fall was right around the corner, I confidently opined that my lawn watering was completed for the season.  (I also said I’d be mowing less frequently, which proved to be wrong as well.)

Since Ike departed, we’ve had a scant .2 inches of moisture and above average temps, which some might call an “Indian Summer.”

This lack of rain and excess of heat has caused me to resume my lawn-watering ritual.  Starting yesterday and continuing through today, I would make a semi-hourly trek outside to drag the sprinklers to new locations.  The lawn has perked up nicely and cooler temps are predicted for the weekend and ever lower for next week.

But right now, I won’t be rushing to put my hoses away anytime soon.  I don’t want to jump the gun—again.

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