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The Telephone Answering Services (TAS) listed on Find an Answering Service go by various labels, such as phone answering service, telemessaging company, teleservice agency, virtual receptionist, and outsource call center to name a few. Regardless of what they call themselves, all provide various telephone answering and call processing services.

These companies listed on Find An Answering Service will customize their services to meet your specific needs, providing overflow coverage, after hours support, or complete 24-7 call center services.

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MAP Communications: Call Center Excellence

MAP Communications

840 Greenbrier Circle
Chesapeake, VA 23320, USA

Contact: Karen Oluwabusola, SVP, at 800-955-9888 or

MAP Communications is a telephone answering service for hospitals, doctors, and physicians: medical answering service, telephone triage, physician referral, appointment-setting and reminder.

Ambs Call Center

Ambs Call Center

338 W Franklin St
Jackson, MI 49201, USA

Contact: Aaron Boatin, vice president, at 800-968-1181 or

Ambs Call Center is a 24/7 medically based call center that offers turnkey solutions for medical practices and health systems. Their medical call center and nurse triage service offer a winning combination for any size practice or health system. Additional services include medical answering service, physician referral, customer service surveys, appointment scheduling, class registration, and patient preregistration. Call for a live demonstration.



1431 Centerpoint Blvd Ste 110
Knoxville, TN, USA

Contact: Karen Brown, RN, at 865-985-7304 or; Jeanne Griffin at 865-985-7303 or

Healthcare Services: Medical Call Center Services
Other Healthcare Services: Nurse telephone triage, nurse advice line, pediatric nurse triage, physician answering services, daytime/office hours telephone support, post-discharge call campaigns, client and caller satisfaction surveys

AccessNurse provides after-hours telephone nurse triage for more than 15,000 physicians, hospitals, federally qualified health centers, universities, and health plans across the country. Accredited by URAC as a health call center since 2004, AccessNurse partners with clients to provide comprehensive medical call center services and the assurance of a quality caller experience. Join them on social media: AccessNurse on FacebookAccessNurse on LinkedIn, and AccessNurse on Twitter.

Specialty Answering Service

Specialty Answering Service

1006 W 9th Ave Ste 150
King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA

Contact: Nicolas D’Alleva, business owner, at 888-532-4794 or

Specialty is a global provider of telephone answering services, in English and Spanish. They provide order processing and appointment-setting services, inbound and outbound telemarketing, survey response,. They also offer outsourced customer service.

Call 4 Health, the Compassionate Call Center

Call 4 Health

2855 S Congress Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33445, USA

Contact: Bryan Weinstein, VP business development, at 561-994-3334 x1550 or

Call 4 Health,  a bilingual call center (English and Spanish), exclusively to the medical and healthcare industry nationwide. They provide professional and accurate virtual call center services and physician answering service for medical practices and hospitals. In addition to their hospital call center services, they also specialize in nurse triage service, physician referral service, disaster preparedness support, medical answering service, and appointment reminder notification twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Answer United Call Center Services

Answer United

2015 W Crosstown Pkwy
Kalamazoo, MI 49008, USA

Contact: Scott Gignac, president, at 800-937-5900 or

Answer United has been a leader in the telephone answering and call center industry for over forty years. They provide old-fashioned service through modern technology.

Voice Link of Columbus

Voice Link of Columbus, Inc

4802 Cargo Court
Columbus, Ga 31907, USA

Contact: JoAnn Fussell CFO, CPA, at 800-262-2799 or; Mark Slatter COO, at 800-262-2799 or
Services: Medical Answering Service and Appointment Scheduling
Other Services: Secure Communication App for your office to use

Our secure app allows the Doctor to do their dictation into their cell phone and can download the message into the patient electronic medical records.

Advantage Answering Plus
Contact: 800-549-8282 or

Contact: Lisa Harding, operations manager, at 866-333-7922 or

24×7 Doctors Answering Service
Contact: Dan Pine, sales manager, at 804-643-1005 or

Unicom Answering Service
Contact: Devin Bailey at 708-239-8000 or

Personalized Communications
Contact: Kim Lauer, director of sales, at 800-232-3321 or

Contact: Scott Hager, president/GM, at 800-809-8835 or

Business & Professional Exchange Inc
www.bpeinc.comContact: Michael Shaw, sales manager, at 800-649-6767 or

Communications Center Inc
Contact: Heidi Black, general manager, at 800-369-6266 or

Cosmopolitan Medical Communications
Contact: Michelle Weiss, vice president, at 800-900-0101 or

Sacred Heart – HealthCall
Contact: Kathleen Seitzinger, director of HealthCall and telecommunications, at 610-776-5470 or

VIP Connections
Contact: Bill or John Campbell at 866-270-1030 or

Southwest Call Center of LA Inc
Contact: Celia Case, general manager, at 337-310-2435 or

A Live Answer Inc
Contact: Rob Hudelson, owner, at 800-355-2650 or

AnswerPro™ Limited
Contact: Douglas Gregg, general manager, at 913-384-1212 or

Re: Messaging Solutions Inc
Contact: Marc Bombenon, at 888-993-1144 or

Intercon Messaging Inc
Contact: Sydnee Cowling or Jessica Fennelly, sales team, at 877-999-5581 or

Telesec Answering Service
Contact: Joyce, owner, at 877-282-3232 or

Tele-One Communications Inc
Contact: Carey Boyles, president, at 903-531-0777 or

Answering Service
Contact: Lisa Dame, business development manager/sales, at 866-672-6555 or

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