Read Dear Theophilus so that you may know

Doctor Luke wrote the books of Luke and Acts to his friend Theophilus—the most excellent Theophilus, dear Theophilus—so that he might know for sure the things he had been taught about Jesus.

And these books are in the Bible so that we, too, may know for sure. In fact, the entire Bible is for us so that we may know.

Theophilus means “friend of God” or “beloved by God.” You are a modern-day Theophilus, and so am I.

Dear Theophilus is a Devotional. It’s a Bible Study. And It’s Much More.

Dear Theophilus is for us so that we may know.

The biblical books of Luke and Acts provide a compelling narrative and an informative read for spiritual seekers who want to explore Jesus further—or discover him for the first time.

Bible student Peter DeHaan, PhD, explores these ancient biblical books of Luke and Acts. He shares fresh ways to apply these two-millennia-old writings for today’s postmodern culture and a people more open to spirituality then prior generations.

The First Two Dear Theophilus Books

The first two books of the Dear Theophilus series are available now. Get your copies today:

Upcoming Dear Theophilus Books

Then look for more books in the Dear Theophilus series, including:

  • Dear Theophilus, Job
  • Dear Theophilus, Isaiah
  • Dear Theophilus, Minor Prophets

Check back for publication dates and announcements of more books in this exciting series.

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