The Communiqué

The Communiqué is an example of a client affinity newsletter, which is written for a specific industry’s members to brand and use as an in-house publication to distribute to their clients and prospects. It was designed, published, and distributed by Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.

If you would like a client affinity newsletter, like The Communiqué, developed and produced for your industry, association, or group, email Peter DeHaan or call 616-284-1305 for more information.

The Communiqué - Customer Affinity NewsletterSpecifically, the Communiqué was a newsletter, designed and written for the telephone answering service industry. Answering services who subscribe to the Communiqué are permitted to brand it with their answering service logo, name, and contact information; they may even insert their own pictures and articles if they wish. It then becomes their own in-house publication to distribute to their clients and prospects.
You have likely seen similar newsletters from your accountant, financial planner, or realtor.

Our goal is to do 95% of the work required in producing a professional client newsletter. All a subscriber needs to do is personalize it and have it printed for mailing or to email it.

Email versions are also available.