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Is it a Scam, Bad Marketing, or Ineptitude?

I recently received a perplexing postcard. In exchange for taking a two-minute survey, they promised me some substantial rewards—free lodging and gas. Here is the front and back of the postcard: ——>

I called the number on the card and entered my twelve-digit code, as instructed, into their automated system. The system looked up my name and spelled it to me (kind of)—and then prompted me for my account number again. I was stuck in an endless loop and never was able to take the survey or talk with anyone. Out of curiosity, I called several times for five consecutive days, obtaining the same results.

Doing a Google search on their phone number, 888-287-5525, uncovered some unflattering feedback and frequent use of the word “scam.”

Even so, after mailing out postcards, you’d think they would make sure their equipment was working. Not only did they waste money on printing and mailing, but they are also incurring toll-free charges for each person who attempts to contact them.

It really makes me wonder!

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