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Fewer Magazines Means More Attention on Those That Remain

I am a voracious magazine reader. For years, I have had a stack of magazines awaiting my attention. Although I eventually read them, it may not be done quickly.

Lately, however, my backlog of unread magazines has been steadily diminishing. This is because some magazines have ceased publication, others have decreased their frequency of publication, and some have lowered their page counts. Therefore, I have less to read.

As a result, I now spend more time on the magazines I do receive. I read more articles, notice more ads, and more fully appreciate the value of these publications. I suspect others do as well.

As the magazine industry continues to right-size, the surviving publications are sure to receive more attention, garner greater esteem, and provide increased value to advertisers.

This means that your magazine ads are now more valuable than ever before.