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Seven Benefits of Print Advertising

“Print is a display technology,” notes columnist Andrew Brenneman. “Ink on paper will endure well into the digital age.” He then lists seven reasons why, stating that Print is:

1) Physical: it has a tangible presence, working well for active and passive seekers

2) Portable: it can be easily moved; it is mobile

3) Transferable: it can be given from one person to the next; no login is required

4) A Reflected medium: light bounces off the page; it is not emitted, giving the optimal and referred reading experience

5) Self-contained: it requires no playback device, power, or plug-in

6) High-resolution: about 10 times the resolution as high-def video!

7) Variable form factor: print has variable sizes, allowing for much more content to be easily scanned

Although, online marketing may be getting all the hype, glitz, and attention these days, print marketing is a tested, valued, proven medium that will endure.

Make sure print serves as the foundation of your marketing mix.