The Risks of Mailing Product with Magazines

Marketers try different approaches to connect with prospects. One such method is sending a CD or DVD with a magazine.

Sometimes the magazine and the product are both slipped into a polybag, and other times the product is slid into a sleeve that is stitched into the magazine.
In the example on the right, the DVD was put into a heavy flexible plastic sleeve, designed to offer maximum protection. It was included in the magazine for several months and each issue I tried unsuccessfully to remove the DVD its carrier.
Then one month it arrived broken. While it could have been damaged when it was inserted into the sleeve or when the sleeve was stitched into the magazine, I suspect that it was occurred at the hands of the USPS. This isn’t a slam on the US Postal Service, as their record of mail being delivered on time and without incident is stellar.
My point is that in marketing sometimes things don’t work out as planned, be it a sleeve that protects so well that it can’t be opened or product that was damaged in transit.
(By the way, the following month, I did preserver and extricated the DVD from its seemingly impenetrable sleeve. However, I was then satisfied and never did play it.)


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