What the Growth in Magazine Readership Means

I am tired of hearing about the demise of magazines — especially when it is not true.

David McDonald, of True North Custom Media wrote in the February 2011 issue of Folio: magazine that “year after year magazine readership continues to grow,” noting that “magazine readership has increased for the past five years — right through the recession.”

He then shares some facts to back this up:

  • 4 out 5 adults read magazines (MPA)
  • Young adults — those under 35 — read the most, “despite the abundance of new media alternatives” (MRI)
  • 90 percent of magazine subscribers prefer the printed format over using an electronic reader (CMO Council)

That’s why authors want their work to appear in magazines, not online (online is a secondary bonus, but not a main objective).

And that’s why print advertising deserves a higher priority and more attention than online. Advertisers should put their dollars were the reader are.

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