A Salute to Print Books

On The Media discusses books in their March 11 podcast

A Salute to Print BooksThe March 11 episode of On The Media, titled “Print is Back, Back Again” shares an array of interesting segments on books. It’s too good not to share.

Here are the topics covered:

These segments give those who read books and write books and publish books things to celebrate, things to make us smile, and things to shake our heads over. Yet put together they salute books, book writing, and book publishing. Long live printed books.

You can listen to the entire show or select specific topics using the above links. (It is also available through iTunes.)

If you love books, you’ll love this episode of On The Media.

How do you view the future of printed books? Which of these segments most intrigues you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

A Year in Review: Top 10 Book Publishing Posts in 2015

As 2015 winds down and we get ready to boldly move into 2016, here is our annual year in review list. The top ten posts on The Book Blog for 2015 are:

  1. Get Ready For the New YearWhy We Need a Book Proposal for Every Book We Write
  2. Five Steps to Write Back Cover Copy For Your Book
  3. What Do Readers Care About?
  4. The Two Extremes of Self-Publishing: Both Are Wrong
  5. 7 Reasons Why Books Are Rejected
  6. Three Reasons to Comment on Blog Posts – and One Reason Not To
  7. What Email Open Rates Mean
  8. Three Reasons to Comment on Blog Posts – and One Reason Not To
  9. Becoming a Hybrid Author: A Case Study of Author Robin Mellom
  10. The Three Parts of Book Publishing

And here are two more that would have cracked the top 10 list, but they were actually written in 2014. Even a year after they were posted, readers continue to find and enjoy them:

  1. What’s the Difference Between a Category and a Tag on Your WordPress Blog?
  2. WordPress Primer: Seven Tips to Get Started Right and Minimize Confusion

Which of these is your favorite? Are there any you would add to the list? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Peter DeHaan Opens His Writing Newsletter to the Public

Veteran Magazine Publisher, Editor, Author, and Blogger Shares about Writing in Weekly Newsletter

June 9, 2015GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.Since last year Peter DeHaan has shared about writing in his free monthly newsletter, “Write On!” He now opens up the subscription to anyone interested in writing, from the beginner to experienced professional.

“I started my newsletter, ‘Write On!’ to keep in contact with people who attended the sessions I led at writing conferences over the past several years,” said Peter, who is a magazine publisher and editor, in addition to being a writer with over three decades of experience. “I sold my first article in 1982, and the world of publishing has changed a lot since then. I want to share my experiences and encourage others in becoming better writers.”

Each issue of “Write On!” includes an article about writing, a resource of the month, links to writing and book publishing blog posts, an inspiring quote, and a popular Q&A section where Peter answers writers’ questions.

Plus, each new subscriber will receive Peter’s valuable resource, “How to Format Your Submission,” at no cost. This is an essential guide for writers who want to present their work to editors and publishers in a standard, professional format. “Once we have produced our best work,” says Peter, “we need to present it properly so that it stands the best chance of being read and accepted. Editors and publishers are pushed for time and a well-presented submission will get their attention and increase our chances for success.”

Sign up for Peter DeHaan’s writing newsletter “Write On!” today; the next issue comes out on Thursday. You may unsubscribe at any time, but we don’t think you’ll want to!

For more information, go to Peter DeHaan’s website: www.authorpeterdehaan.com/newsletter.

Top 10 Book Publishing Posts in 2014

Here are the ten most popular posts about book publishing in 2014. The comments are still open, so feel free to add to the discussion.

  1. The First Step in Building Your Platform
  2. Five Things You Can Do With E-Books
  3. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear about Book Publishing
  4. What’s a Widget and Why Do I Want Them on My WordPress Blog?
  5. How to Format Your Book Submission
  6. What’s the Difference Between a Category and a Tag on Your WordPress Blog?
  7. Less is More in Website Design
  8. Five Downsides of Traditional Publishing
  9. Three More Tips for Your Book-Promoting Platform
  10. Where Do We Find Beta Readers?

Thank you for reading these posts and following this blog. May you move your next book closer to publication in 2015.

Which post is your favorite? What one would you recommend?

News Release: Blogging Video Available

Blogging Video Available: 12 Tips For Better WordPress Content Creation

Veteran Blogger Peter DeHaan’s WordCamp Grand Rapids Presentation Is Now Accessible Online

Peter DeHaan spoke at the recent WordCamp in Grand Rapids Michigan. Peter’s topic, “12 Tips For Better WordPress Content Creation,” is now available for online viewing at WordPress.tv. Other recordings from WordCamp Grand Rapids are also being added.

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events, put on by WordPress users for WordPress users, including everyone from the casual hobbyists to core developers. “This is my second year attending WordCamp Grand Rapids; it’s such a great event,” said Peter DeHaan. “This year, I had the privilege to be able to give back to the local WordPress community. WordCamp Grand Rapids is a well-run event with a great core team of organizers. Everyone there – both speakers and attendees – were so willing to share what they know and to help one another.”

Peter DeHaan has been a magazine publisher and editor for the past fifteen years, a blogger for the past seven, and a published writer for much longer. Peter’s editing, blogging, and writing skills made him an ideal person to talk about blogging on WordPress. “I have multiple blogs and have written over 1,500 posts,” added Peter. “I think I’ve made about every mistake a blogger can make, and I hope I helped other bloggers avoid repeating my missteps.”

Grand Rapids WordCamp is an annual event put on by area WordPress enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, with each year being bigger and better than the year before. For 2014, the event expanded to three days.

The direct link to download Peter DeHaan’s presentation is http://wordpress.tv/2014/11/05/peter-dehaan-12-tips-for-better-wordpress-content-creation/.

Top Ten Posts for 2013

Welcome to 2014! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year’s Day. After a two week break, we’ll start the new year by reviewing the top posts from last year. (You can also scroll through all the posts for 2013, starting with the most recent one.)

Here are my top blog posts about book publishing from last year. The comments are still open, so feel free to leave a note. The top ten posts for 2013 are:

  1. Five Things You Can Do With E-Books
  2. Twenty More Articles About Marketing and Promotion
  3. The Primary Error of Self-Publishing: Poor Content
  4. Self-Published Authors Need to be Entrepreneurs
  5. The Second Error of Self-Publishing: A Lousy Cover
  6. Publishing a Book Versus Earning a PhD
  7. What the Movies Teach Us About Publishing
  8. Why Accuracy in Writing is Important
  9. The Ultimate Self-Publishing Guide
  10. Five Downsides of Traditional Publishing

Which is your favorite?

Happy Holidays

I want you wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. May the holidays be a great time spent with family.

With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling are on Wednesday this year, I will take a two-week break from blogging (on this blog) since I know you won’t be reading posts on those days anyway.

Look for my next post on Wednesday, January 8, 2014!

(Some of you experienced frustration in not being able to comment on recent posts. I apologize for the problem and am pleased to report the the problem has been fixed, as well as the second problem that was caused by fixing the first one!)

Again, happy holidays!

Press Release: The New FindACallCenter.com Helps Businesses Locate Call Centers

Call center locator site receives overhaul to better highlight leading outsourcing contact centers around the world.

Peter DeHaan announced the complete overhaul of his popular call center locator website, FindACallCenter.com. FindACallCenter.com highlights leading outsourcing call centers from the United States and around the world in an easy-to-use directory for businesses and organizations that seek to outsource call center and contact center work.

“Contrary to popular opinion, most of these outsourcing call centers are located within the United States and not offshore,” said publisher and editor Peter DeHaan, PhD. “Though we do have a section for those who desire to look offshore, we highlight call centers located in North America: the United States and Canada.”

The new website merges the listings and content from three formerly separate sites: FindACallCenter.com, FindATeleserviceAgency.com, and FindAnAnsweringService.com. “All of this information is now conveniently located in one place,” said Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and owner of the directory. “Plus, we changed platforms and added new features.” The site also encompasses the call center listings from Connections Magazine and the healthcare contact center listings from AnswerStat magazine, resulting in a truly unified call center directory.

“The old site was showing its age,” said Peter DeHaan, the site’s principle designer. “Users will appreciate its new, clean look, as well as the ease of finding and viewing information.”

Call centers, contact centers, and telephone answering services that want to be added to the directory, can learn more at the “more info” tab at the site.

For more information, go to www.FindACallCenter.com.

Top Ten Posts from Peter DeHaan Publishing for 2012

Prolific Blogger Shares Top Ten Posts For the Year

Mattawan, Michigan – Here are the ten most popular posts from Peter DeHaan Publishing for 2012. Thank you for reading these posts:

  1. Simultaneous Submissions
  2. Increasing Email Effectiveness
  3. Magazine Growth
  4. Moving Towards HTML5
  5. (this post contained obsolete information and was removed)
  6. Social Media is a Sales Tool, Not a Sales Plan
  7. Double Opt-Out Nonsense
  8. US Mail Delivery
  9. Email Open Rates
  10. Double or Nothing?

[Posted by Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]